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Hello.  I am Kevin Dunlap, the owner and founder of Trident Investments Group the longest running creative real estate company in Las Vegas.  We have helped hundreds of people in moving toward the goal of home ownership where, at first, they may not have been eligible in the first place.   

And as a Nevada REALTOR my goal is to help you find a home in one of our creative programs briefly mentioned below or via a normal buying process.  I am often surprised to find that many of my clients who think they will be needing creative solutions to buying actually qualify today for the purchase of their home.

If you have the right monies available then we can help you find a home even if you don’t qualify with conventional financing.  With credit problems soaring in today's economy and with the housing crisis from a few years ago we fully understand helping people who may have challenged credit or possibly no credit at all.

If you have a small amount of money available like 3 – 5% then we may be able to help you with a home through our classic lease option program.  You are the one who decides if you can afford it.  We are simply there to help you achieve your dream.

If you have a moderate amount of money available which is closer to 8% then we have connections with another company that can assist you in the purchase of a home and they will lease option it back to you for up to four years.  This gives you plenty of time to qualify for conventional financing, PLUS, it gives you more choices of homes since they are cash buyers and any home on the market that you qualify for is available for your choosing.

And if you have a larger down payment closer to 20% then we may be able to assist you with our seller financing program.  This gives you immediate ownership and since there is no bank qualifying you can purchase regardless of your current credit situation.

Click on the below link to see what we have today or fill out the contact information below and either myself or a person on my team will contact you.

I am Kevin Dunlap and I look forward to helping you get into your new home.

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