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Kevin 01The founder of Trident Investments Group, Kevin Dunlap, has been a real estate agent and Realtor since August 2012.  He decided to become a Realtor after seeing so many people who were actually qualified to buy a home rather than do a lease option.  He was turning away numerous qualified buyers, even though they did not realize that they were able to buy.

Since his background is in real estate investing he uses those skills to help people buy their own home, as that is the biggest investment most people make.  Also, because of his background when he is talking with the home buyer he uses those skills to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.  Too many times we have seen people get a home under contract and then it does not appraise for the purchase price.  This becomes costly to the buyer due to the costs to purchase a home for inspections not to count the time that was wasted.  We believe that when you make an offer on a home and it gets accepted that the only reason a buyer would back out is because of undiscovered issues with the home and not due to appraisals or financing reasons.

When you are looking for a home there are many things that you must consider when choosing a home and choosing your agent.  You want to ensure that this is a home you really want that fits you and/or your family's needs.  Every person is different as to what their needs are.  Some of these needs can be the number of bedrooms, or square footage of the home, or the side of town, or school zoning requirements.  Over the years those needs for buyers can be extremely varied.  We have even seen which direction the house faces as being a major need.  Funny how that could be a need, yet for a person who works nights may not want morning sun coming into the master bedroom.

When you contact us we will do everything we can to help you find that dream home for you.

Once you are pre-qualified with a lender of your choosing (we can refer some if you don't have one) we will begin showing you homes that fit the criteria you gave to us.  Once we have the home in escrow we then will work diligently so that your home closes on time and ensure everything is done properly and efficiently.

TR Realty logoContact Kevin today for your home buying questions or needs.  We are glad to help.

I am a licensed Nevada Realtor  (ID# S.0172165) with TR Realty.

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