Lease Option

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Lease Option Program


We have a current updated list of our lease option homes for you to choose.  In this list we have already established the full terms for each of our homes.  

As a REALTOR I can also search the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that all of the other Realtors use when the are listing the Sell or Rental of a home.  The ones on the MLS may not have established terms so it may be to your best interest to view this list first and then we can search that as a back up.  

There are essentially two lease option programs out there.  The first one is usually the best one to get into due to a lower financial commitment on your part.  Because it is a lower financial commitment the number of homes available is fewer.  CLICK HERE to see our full list of homes.  The financial commitment, called an option payment, is usually between 2 - 5% of the price of the home.  

There is another company who will actually purchase the home you desire and then do a lease option back to you with their program.  They are cash buyers and thus any home on the market that is for sale (not just a seller willing to do a lease option) and you must qualify financially for.  In their program the pre-qualify you to what you can afford monthly and then they will purchase the home and sell it back to you sometime over the next four years.  In this particular case they will require a more substantial down payment, usually 6 - 8%.  

Once you qualify then you will come back to me (Kevin Dunlap) and I will work with you as your Realtor to find that perfect home for you and your family.   


Some commonly asked questions and concerns on lease options.