If you are wanting to sell your home either through a normal sale or through creative means then I would be happy to assist you in getting top value for your home.

As a REALTOR with TR Realty I act more than just as a normal Listing Agent.  Most of them will list the home, may do a few Open Houses, yet usually they don't bring you the actual buyer.  Most of the time the buyer is coming from another agent because of the listing on the MLS.  Rarely does the Listing Agent also bring in the buyer.  In that case they could be operating as a Dual Agent (representing both sides).

Frequently a broker's office will not allow the Listing Agent also be the Buyer's Agent because of potential issues as to who that agent is more representing.  In some cases the broker will have that agent use another agent in their office if that brokerage even allows dual agency through the same office.

As for me my goal is to bring you the best buyer for your home.  To do this I automatically assume I will be a Dual Agent.  I will not only add your home to the MLS and do the occasional Open House, I will also create multiple advertising campaigns in order to attract a Buyer, too.  My goal is to get your home sold as quickly as possible to the best qualified buyer as possible.

Let us sit down and see what the value of your home is and then we can create the best plan possible for you and your home.

Let's talk about what you need to do with your home that is the best for you.