Seller Financing

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Seller Financing Program

Seller Financing is one of the easiest ways to home ownership without having to qualify through a bank. The advantages are huge for both the seller and the buyer.

The advantages to the buyer are numerous. Here are a few quick reasons you may want to go this route as the buyer.

  • No bank qualifying.  This can be huge as a owner occupied home owner.  There are many reasons why this may be to your advantage.  If you have challenged credit, a recent bankruptcy, a foreclosure or short sale, not enough time history at your job, just moved into town then these are all reasons why you may not qualify.
  • An investor can use this technique to gain more homes without worrying about having too many homes in their portfolio.

The advantages to the seller are also numerous.

  • Sellers can collect monthly interest payments thereby adding a higher rate of return to their investment.
  • They are selling on an installment sale and thus don't pay capital gains tax until after the loan is paid off.

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Some commonly asked questions about Seller Financing.