Selling a Home

Kevin02Are you in the market to sell your home?  Maybe it is your personal residence or maybe it is an investment property?

As a Nevada real estate agent with TR Realty and as a Realtor and investor I have been assisting people with their real estate needs for over 12 years!  If you want help in selling your home we have years of experience under our belt.  If you may want to make even more money on your home then we are definitely the place to go.  How you can make more money than just on the sale is a technique many agents are not very familiar.

Regardless if this is a straight sale or if you are open to creative techniques in the sale we can assist you with that.

Also, I make it an effort to also be the agent who brings in the buyer.  Most agents do limited marketing of their listings and leave it up to the MLS to entice another agent to bring in the buyer.  Of course that is what the MLS was designed.  However, I will also create our own marketing campaign to bring in the buyer.  As long as you are okay with that we will give our best effort to both list and sell your home.

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I am a Nevada Realtor (license number S.0172165) with TR Realty

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